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Welcome the new year with love! Order from us for 1st Jan and all catering proceeds will be donated to the underprivileged.

Begin with Love

2020 has brought many uncertainties to our everyday lives. A brand new year is knocking on our doors. This is a chance for us to support the underprivileged and lend them a helping hand during these trying times. Our commitment to giving continues to stand strong in good and bad times, and we hope everyone can do their part in shining a ray of hope for the needy.

Held annually on 1st Jan of every year, 2021 marks the 6th year of Begin with Love, where we donate all catering proceeds on the day to various beneficiaries.

Here are some of the people you’ll be helping.

Hear their stories.

Read about our past beneficiaries.


Ren Ci

Mdm Lim Mui's husband, Mr Yong is a long term resident at Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52. She travels daily from her home in Bukit Batok Street 31 to visit her husband, to ccompany him and make him feel comfortable. 

As there is no direct bus from her home to the nursing home, Mdm Lim walks at least two kilometres, bringing her home-brewed soup to share with her husband despite having walking difficulties herself. With financial help, she was able to get a pair of hearing aids for her hearing issues. 

Ren Ci is committed to partner Mdm Lim to care for Mr Yong for as long as they require assistance. Your kind donations will enable Mdm Lim to spend fruitful time with her husband at Ren Ci’s home without the need to worry about financial challenges. 



A very shy 11-year-old Jolynn was diagnosed with intellectual disability and required physical assistance in feeding, toileting and even in taking out her shoes and socks when she first joined AWWA Special Student Care Centre (SSCC). Her teachers faced the challenge of engaging her during class – she kept mostly to herself and didn’t want to socialise with her friends, always choosing to sit on her own and flipping through story books.

With the constant support from her teachers, Jolynn has made leaps of improvement over the time she has been in AWWA SSCC. AWWA SSCC is an after-school care empowering students like Jolynn to live independently – training them to carry out activities of daily living (ADL) and equipping them with social skills so that they are able to participate in social settings – at home, in school and in the community. While their children are cared for after school, caregivers of children with special needs are able to stay in the workforce to support the family.

Jolynn has grown into a cheery, sociable and independent young girl. She greets her classmates, teachers and volunteers with her signature smile! She is constantly laughing and loves to be with her friends. She is also now able to eat independently and also remove her own shoes and socks. Her teachers at AWWA SSCC are very proud of her.


Cheng Hong Welfare

A few months back, Mr Wong approached Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS), in the hope that they would settle his last rites when he passes on.

Mr Wong contracted a rare form of cancer known as “Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor” (medically known to affect only 0.001% of the general population). To make things worse, he also faced financial and family issues. After being enrolled as their Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS) member, he shared that he is grateful that CHWSS will be there for him during his final journey and hopes that he will be able to give something back in his next life. Mr Wong shared a story he titled “6,000 Days of Filial Piety”. As the eldest son, he was given the unspoken responsibility to protect the family and businesses. When the business prospered during its hey days, it inculcated greed within the family members. The relationship between the family members became strained, and he became penniless after a series of lawsuits.

However, this has never deterred him from trying to repair the relationship between them. For the past 19 years (6,000 days), he had been trying to reach out to the family and was heartbroken to hear that he was not allowed to speak to his beloved mother before he underwent a life-threatening surgery. 

Despite all of these, Mr Wong took the time to write a letter in the hope that we will be able to share his story to the world and inspire people who are going through hardships in life. This inspires us to write this post to share with everyone that while our aim is to help the vulnerable communities, often than not we get inspired and motivated by our beneficiaries.

  • Celebrate with us

    Celebrate with us

    There’s no better way to kickstart a brand new year than to spread the love and celebrate with us on 1st January 2021 as all of our catering proceeds on this special day will be contributed to charity organisations.

  • Order for 1 Jan

    Order for 1 Jan

    Be it a mini buffet for a cosy gathering among friends and families or a corporate party with your colleagues, we’ve got the right menus for all occasions. Simply visit our websites to place your order for 1st January.

  • Donate to charity

    Donate to charity

    With this initiative, over $800,000 supporting various charity organisations has been raised, yet there is always room for us to do more. Started on 1 January 2016, 2021 will mark the 6th year of Begin with Love, where we donate all catering proceeds to various beneficiaries.

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