Neo's Four Treasures

Features four of our bestselling, hand-crafted and gastronomic flavours. Housed in an opulent leather box, it elevates the Mid-Autumn experience and a perfect gift that is sure to impress.

Flavours include:
1 x Assorted Fruits & Nuts
1 x Black Sesame
1 x Single Yolk Emerald
1 x Double Yolk White Lotus Paste


Royal Trio Yolk Pastry

Low in sugar, rich & fragrant lotus paste enveloped in royal golden pastry. A match made in heaven & skillfully crafted – the multi-layered crispy shell melts in your mouth with the smooth paste.

Flavours include:
4 x White Lotus
2 x Yam
2 x Pandan


Neo’s Royal Gems

Indulge in the best of both worlds with this royal selection of both yolk pastry & baked collection.

Flavours include:
2 x Yam (Pastry)
2 x Pandan (Pastry)
1 x Single Yolk Emerald (Baked)
1 x Double Yolk White Lotus Paste (Baked)

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Exquisite Acrylic Box

Gift timeless treasures to your loved ones with the Exquisite Acrylic Box, comes with two pieces of flavours from the Traditional Baked Series as well as 5 premium flavoured tea satches, the perfect pairing to consume with mooncakes.

*This set is not eligible for any promotions

1 x White Lotus Paste (Baked)
1 x Single Yolk White Lotus Paste (Baked)
5 x Premium Flavoured Tea Sachets

Traditional Baked Flavours

Time-honoured classic favourites. This everlasting collection features delicate traditional flavours and those with a modern spin - there’s a treat for everyone.


Double Yolk White Lotus Paste

Double the savouries with a double yolk in a smooth lotus paste baked with a perfect golden-brown skin.


Single Yolk White Lotus Paste

Single savoury golden yolk wrapped in white lotus paste – a Mid-Autumn essential.


White Lotus Paste

Just our signature velvety white lotus paste wrapped in golden-brown skin.


Assorted Fruits & Nuts

Explore a plentiful filling of walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame, and almonds that is brought together with lotus paste – a satisfying mix of crunchy and chewy texture.


Single Yolk Emerald

Fragrant pandan-infused lotus paste paired with a golden yolk to create a modern take on the classic flavour.


Fragrant Black Sesame

A mix of classics. Classic Mid-Autumn staple, white lotus paste and a classic delicacy, black sesame paste.

Mochi Snow Skin Series

Soft & delicate mochi snow skin, plumply filled with white lotus filling. The best way to savour this is when it is served cold.


Yam Mochi Snow Skin

Crunchy roasted melon seeds in taro flavoured white lotus paste – a delicious blend of soothing flavours.


Chocolate Mochi Snow Skin

Rich creamy chocolate paired with chocolate bits that brings a bite to the smooth texture.


Mango Mochi Snow Skin

Soft mochi snow skin filled with tropical mango & chewy mango jelly bits.


Blueberry Mochi Snow Skin

Intense blueberry filling that comes with plentiful chewy & flavourful blueberry jelly bits, a perfect emulsion of flavours


顶 级 猫 山 王 榴 莲冰皮月饼
Premium Snow Skin Mao Shan Wang

Rich & intense Premium Mao Shan Wang Durian wrapped in soft mochi snow skin – a must-have for every Singaporean’s Mid-Autumn celebrations.

Yolk Pastry Series

Immerse in royalty of various forms with our Yolk Pastry Series. Featuring flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastry skin, silky white lotus paste and a bright golden yolk.

Image NEW

Walnut Pastry

Our new flavour – Melt-in-your-mouth shortcrust pastry paired with crunchy walnuts that brings about a flawless concoction of textures & flavours.

This flavour does not contain any salted egg yolk.


White Lotus Yolk Pastry


Yam Yolk Pastry


Pandan Yolk Pastry


Early Bird Special – Order by 12 September 2021

20% off with a minimum purchase of 2 sets

25% off with a minimum purchase of 5 sets

30% off with a minimum purchase of 10 sets

35% off with a minimum purchase of 30 sets

Contact our sales representatives at 6896 7757 for orders above 50 sets to enjoy corporate rates & customisation is available for flavours within each series. Additional charges apply.

Terms & Conditions

• Free delivery for purchase of 10 boxes & above • Customisation of flavours in each series is available with an additional charge • Prices are inclusive of GST • This promotion is not valid with any other promotional offers and privileges • Delivery is available at a fee of S$15 w/GST per single location • Self-collection can be made at Neo Group’s Head Office (1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813) • Please present your order confirmation at the point of collection • No refunds will be made for any cancellation of orders • All images used are for illustration purposes only • Neo Group Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice • For enquiries, please call: 6896 7757 or email:

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